Lash lifts are great for creating instant natural length, volume and lift.  

  • Unnoticeable lashes will look longer 
  • Eyes will appear more open, brighter and youthful

I use flexible shapers to create that pretty and flirty curl every woman wants.  Results may last up to 8 weeks. This is a great service if you have naturally longer and straighter lashes.


Lash Lift Treatment with Tint     $75



Will a lash lift make my lashes look longer?
Yes! It will give the appearance of longer and fuller lashes by lifting the lashes

My lashes are sparse, will a lash lift make them fuller?
Yes! Natural lashes are abundantly volumized for a thicker, fuller lash line, making the eyes appear healthier, brighter and more youthful

My lashes are barely noticeable, will a lash lift work for me?
Yes! Unnoticeable lashes will become perky and noticeable in 20-40 minutes

Will a lash lift damage my natural lashes like a lash perm?
No! We use a gentle formula combined with flexible shapers to create the irresistible curves you desire

How long will my lash lift results last?
Results last approximately 10-12 weeks, but many lash lift clients visit every 4 weeks to keep their lashes bumped and lifted to their most beautiful best

Is there any special aftercare needed?
Yes! You’ll need to avoid commercial eye makeup removers and store-bought mascara, refrain from rubbing or “sweeping” your lashes and avoid excessive heat within 24-48 hours.  You can also read the Aftercare instructions for more information.

What are the training credentials you need in order to offer this service?
I’m a trained and certified lash lift technician through Dreamlash Academy (


Lash Lift Aftercare


  • Lifted lashes should not be touched, rubbed, picked or pulled
  • Do not wet your lifted lashes for 24-48 hours
  • Avoid hair dryer from interfering with your lashes.  The heat can cause the lashes to drop prematurely
  • Do not use a lash curler
  • Avoid mascara. Although mascara will initially seem to help curl the lift, it ultimately straightens the lashes
  • Sleep with care. Protect your lashes from friction by laying in a way that doesn’t crumple your lashes.  Satin sheets/pillowcases are highly recommended
  • Get touch- ups!